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Is it possible for us to live in a society of which we are losing control? This is where we stand. If technology would be the only one to have broken its boundaries, our problems would have been serious enough. The most feared fact is that many other social processes have already started to develop without control, frenetically oscillating and resisting all our efforts to guide them.

Urbanization, ethnic conflicts, migration, demographic expansion, delinquency – we could give thousands of examples from domains in which our efforts to influence change seem more and more absurd, more useless.

Change doesn’t influence only society, but each and every of its individuals. At the beginning of March, an eleven year old child died of old age.

Although he had only eleven years old from a chronological point of view, he was suffering from an odd disease known as Progeria premature aging- and presented the characteristics of a 90 year old person. The symptoms of Progeria are senility, artery scleroses, baldness, tired muscles and wrinkled skin. And when he died, the boy was truly an old man. In his eleven years, he had gone through all the biological and physiological changes of a lifetime.

The Progeria cases are extremely rare. However, in a metaphorical way, all the societies with a developed technology suffer from this intriguing disease. They neither age, nor do they become senile. But they all suffer from highly abnormal change rhythms.

This speed with which humanity races towards the future determines a rupture within human interactions. We have become more and more cold, more isolated, despite the technological evolution which makes the distances between humans disappear. We morph into the mechanisms that we create in order to enhance our lives. Our feelings are substituted by placidity. We are ruled by our own egos.

Thus under these circumstances, there`s nothing left for me to do but wonder what is there to be done. Is this the progress or regress of mankind?